blondes -vs- brunettes….

the age old battle…. who has more fun.

well let me tell you i have been a hair chamelion since i was a senior in highschool.  I have had every “natural” color of the rainbow in my hair and then some.  Ive gone darker, swam in chlorinated pools all summer long and had those dark locks change to brown with a tinge of green.  Ive used “sun in”  and had my light brown hair change to an unnatural hue of orange.  Ive gone red, and i mean red to the point where my grandfather stopped calling me by my name and only called me red.  Ive had wide blonde highlights, wide blonde and electric red highlights, red highlights that turned slightly pink as the red faded….  Needless to say, ive had my fair share of dieing my hair.

So, whats more fun?   For me, blonde all the way baby.  I dont know what it is, but i am so much more confident when i have tons of that yellow color in my locks.  Dont get mad at me my brunette sisters, i always go running back to that deep brown color when i get sick of the yellow.  I dont know what it is, but i just love the blonde in my hair and i almost feel like i can do anything in the world and i dont think about how fat i am, how tired i look and i try to dress just a little better than normal.   So right now im loving the blonde!!  =)


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