blondes -vs- brunettes….

the age old battle…. who has more fun.

well let me tell you i have been a hair chamelion since i was a senior in highschool.  I have had every “natural” color of the rainbow in my hair and then some.  Ive gone darker, swam in chlorinated pools all summer long and had those dark locks change to brown with a tinge of green.  Ive used “sun in”  and had my light brown hair change to an unnatural hue of orange.  Ive gone red, and i mean red to the point where my grandfather stopped calling me by my name and only called me red.  Ive had wide blonde highlights, wide blonde and electric red highlights, red highlights that turned slightly pink as the red faded….  Needless to say, ive had my fair share of dieing my hair.

So, whats more fun?   For me, blonde all the way baby.  I dont know what it is, but i am so much more confident when i have tons of that yellow color in my locks.  Dont get mad at me my brunette sisters, i always go running back to that deep brown color when i get sick of the yellow.  I dont know what it is, but i just love the blonde in my hair and i almost feel like i can do anything in the world and i dont think about how fat i am, how tired i look and i try to dress just a little better than normal.   So right now im loving the blonde!!  =)


just a friendly psa =)

So V and T have finally reached their max height/weight limits on their car seats and i have started doing the research on booster seats…  As i was searching and searching the endless amounts of booster seats, it occured to me that the booster seat that was my frontrunner didnt have the latch system on it.  Now for the past almost 5 years i have had LATCH drilled and redrilled into my head. so you can imagine my concern when i dont see it.

Turns out, LATCH on a booster seat is a big NO NO.  The seatbelt wont kick in in time if you stop fast or get into an accident making something safe completely


So heres a link i found that talks about it briefly NO LATCH also heres the LIST of the best boosters, good boosters and boosters to avoid

I had no idea and it sounds like not too many people know about it either so i wanted to pass the info along.  If your kid is in a BOOSTER seat using the car SEATBELT DO NOT USE THE LATCH system =)


it seems like i have a bunch of posts titles “so” .  maybe its because i feel like im just talking to myself sometimes and i dont care about grammer or punctuation or actual full sentences here.  Whatever the case, im ok with it and if youre reading it, you must not mind it all that much.  And if you know me, then this is how i talk.

so anyways.  theres been a ton of stuff going on here.  D;s birthday is in just 3 days.  I can not believe he is going to be 2!  well, let me rephrase that.  i can believe it because of his additude!! holy terrible twos!!!  oh my god! i cant believe how fast time has gone by!!!

ive been trying to focus on my family big time lately.  i have some potentially  pretty big things going on right now and im just trying to stay as positive as i can without letting my brain take over and think myself to death over it.

snow.  usually i think it sucks.  like i hate it.  but this year, i love the snow!  im not looking forward to the 18″ we “should* be getting ontop of everything we already have, BUT my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the snow.  and that makes me love the snow.  i dont think i have EVER had as much fun playing in the snow as i do with them!  they are hilarious in it too!   but seriously mother nature, this cruel joke of trying to break the all time snowiest winter record is not cool with me, not cool at all!!

friends.  there are *so many fakies out there!!!*   HOLY CRAP!  i cant take it!  either be my friend or dont,  if i can trust you then i will be your friend forever, but if you break my trust, thats it, im done.  theres no going back.  so annoying. true friends will be there when no one else is.  end of story.  so treat your friends well, dont steal from them,  or talk behind their backs, never ever tell anyone else something about them that you wouldnt say to them directly. and take some constructive critisim.  its ok for them to not a gree with you a million percent of every single day.  value them and make sure they value you. and make sure that you can always be yourself.  if youre putting up a facade for them, then theyre not really your friends because true friends know the real you.

when life throws you lemons, do your best to make lemonade, but remember you dont always have to be suzie sunshine either.  i know im a scatter brain, but thats me.


its not something i have ever really done…  i mean, ive used coupons and all that, but not to the extent that i witnessed last night.  Im going to try it.  I was watching the history channel and there was a program on about extreme couponers.  they would literally buy $600 in groceries and with all their coupons, they would end up spending $20 max.  i didnt miss a 0.  you read it right., TWENTY dollars for over $600 in gorceries!!!!!  what what what!?!?!?!?

so ive been researching today.  i came across this blog frugal living and having and im going to give it a whirl.  theres a ton of stuff on her site! TON!  and tips and everything.   hopefully, if youre reading this, i have passed that info along to you and you can save some moolah!  how awesome would it be to pay $20 a week for food!!!!!!  omg that would be terrific!

anyways.  i need to get a binder and do some more research because i can not afford to have $400 in groceries that have no coupons.  I know if they can do it, i can do it.  fingers xed!!!

the last day of the year

2010 has been an all around decent year.  i cant complain too much, and thats for sure.


V has been doing amazing in school!  T and D are also doing great!  We have been really blessed wiht good health this year!  yes the occasional cold here or there and maybe the flu but overall, we are all healthy.

And anytime the boys are driving me absolutely bananas and i think to myself about running away on vacation without them i read mattys moms blog and that snaps me back to reality.  Matty is an angel.  i dont have to say anymore than that do i.  So its helped me keep a good perspective on that.

ive cleaned out some of my facebook, the kids got a hold of the computer and cleaned out some more of it, ive found some really good true friends in my life.  i dont think i have ever been this happy in my life.  yes i have had days of pure bliss, but im overall just happy.  i feel like its taken me a long time to get here too.

i feel like 2011 is going to be a great year!  My cousin is having a baby, which i am hoping for a girl.  she is going to kill me when she reads this but i really really really think that v, t and d need a girl cousin….  im dying to buy fru fru dresses for her!!!!  eventough she swears shes having a boy, im still holding out hope. lol

what else…  v has learned to write his name!  i cant get enough of him writing it all out for me!!!  god love his teachers at school because i know ive tried to teach him and i just dont have that gift at all.

T is FINALLY potty trained!!!  We all thought he would be 30 and still in diapers

D is almost 2!  i can not believe that!!!  hes totally showing signs of the terrible 2s.  eh, par for the course i guess. oph and he has finally found his voice.  he talks up a storm!

i cant believe how fast time flies!

but i finally dont feel like i have lost myself to the kids, but rather that they are as much a part of me as i am of them.  they are my everything.  i used to feel like i had to give up my dreams but now i realize they are my dreams.  if you know me that last line makes perfect sense to you.

i wish you all the best for the new year!  i hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

health wealth and most importantly of all happiness to you

well its been a while…

tis the season.  the boys are nuts in a good way.  i really love this time of year again.  the kids have really brought back the whole magic of christmas thing.  =)  i know that christmas was starting to become just eh, to me.  i cant even describe how awesome it is with kids.


its taken me a while but im finally starting to be ok with not having the powerhouse career that i had always pictured myself having.  More and more i feel complete and thats all from my boys.  they are my heart, my soul, my everything.  Im finally realizing that theres nothing more in this world that i want to do then to be here for them.  Now dont get me wrong, they still drive me bananas, but i would rather be here with them then at work  which is so so weird for me.  but im happy. like really really happy. =)


i dont post on this much anymore.  so im wishing all of you all the best that the new year could bring, loads of health and happiness, and a merry christmas!!!

everything we take for granted….

its that time fo year again, We are gearing up for the holiday season.  The kick off, if you have kids, is halloween, then turkey day rolls around and next thing you know its xmas eve  then new years.  it goes by so fast!


I was on the wish projects website today just poking around and  I am humbled.    Here i am thinking that we have it kind of tight sometimes…  now i want to smack myself upside my head.

V goes to private school, theres nothing i go without.  i have a fancy phone with internet, and im home all day btw i dont need it, but i have it.  my heat is on and has been for about a week now, i have 2 dogs, a salt water fish tank, and all sorts of things…  the list goes on and on.  Yes my hubby busts his ass for it all but we are lucky. There are some families that do the same thing, working 2 jobs just to try to make ends meet and they cant put their heat on, they eat cereal for supper because thats what they can afford and they do it day in and day out just trying to survive.  Dont get me started on the house forclosures.

anyways, this year for halloween i have 2 iron mans and a skunk.  We went out and bought the costumes no problem.  I didnt even think twice about dropping $20 a piece for the iron man ones.  The skunk, my all time fav, my mom had made for me a few years ago and i recycle that baby as much as i can.  =)  But it never crosses my mind when im in the thick of it that there are kids my kids ages out there that dont know if they can even go trick or treating, nevermind  pick out a costume to wear.  That got me thinking…  If they dont have a costume for halloween, they probably arent going to have the gift from santa that they so deserve.

I think the part that sucks the most is that  kids are awesome.  No matter what life throws at them, with a good family, they can make it through anything and its extremely sad to think that they wont get even just one small gift from santa.  Its heart wrenching!   Here i am going off on all of the holiday things and really what a lot of them need is just a bed.  They sleep on the floor!!!!  They dont have a bed of their own.  A simple human thing, a bed.  The thing that we probably take for granted most in life.  We all have a rough day, have a glass of wine or bottle, i dont judge,   then head over to the bed wtih the fluffy down comforters and overstuffed pillows and the throw pillows for decoration and go to bed like its nothing.  There are little kids out there that sleep on the floor, and not by choice.  They have a rough day, go to go to bed and its a sleeping bag or a blanket on the hard cold floor.

Im asking all of you who read this to find a local shelter or project and see whats on their wish list.  Chances are you have something they can desperately use that has been sitting around in your place collecting dust.  Lets come together as people and give those people what they deserve.  Warmth, love,  and just maybe we can make a difference.

It gets better.

oh where do i start this….


ok so the it gets better project i think is  a great thing, but i think they need to widen their horizons.  Its for gay lesbian, transgenders and i think it should be for heterosexuals as well.  Because i am living proof that it does get better.


My dad used to tell me that all the time when i was little growing up.  He would say “Kim, Its gonna get better.  It has to get better.  If it doesnt get better today, it will get better tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, the just wait it out until the next, but eventually its got to get better.”   i am here today because my dad drilled that into my head.  I can not tell you about the numerous times i had thought of just checking out growing up.  AND I DIDNT HAVE IT HARD AT ALL>  i had a fantastic childhood!  i lived in a gorgeous house in a great neighborhood.  We didnt have a lot of money growing up but we never went without.

The year of 8th grade, i was bullied.  I lost all my friends and was tormented every single day at school.  I hated life.  I felt like a loser and a complete failure.    i had no friends.  it was hard.  i can not begin to tell you how hard it was.  and one day i went home from school sat up in my room crying and i downed an entire bottle of pills and the onlyl reason why i did that was because the steak knife i had looked like it would hurt too much.  i remember this like it was clear as day.  I was so done with getting tortured by everyone at school.  I didnt go outside to play that summer at all because the main person who had it out for me lived just 1 house up across the street from me.


Thankfully, the pills i took didnt do a damn thing.  i didnt even fall asleep and i felt even worse that it didnt work.  No one in my family knows about this incident., although now they probably will…  and that hurts me a little to know that they will know, but im better now.


from that day forward i told myself i would never again do anything as stupid as that.  i wasnt going to let her push me around, at least in my head i was like that. in person it was totally different.  I was still the dorky wall flower who had pretty much no friends.  but i had my dog, who was my best friend and all i needed was just one friend.  I would make it through the threats at my locker froim the tough popular girls, and go home to cry to Bij, and eventually it stopped.  It was getting better.  I had my 2 friends at school and my dog.  And my dad always telling me that it gets better.  And now its much better.  I have a great life with an awesome family, a fantastic husband with great kids.


so for those of you going through somehthing rough, know that it does get better.  it will get better because it HAS to get better.  ❤

i got adventurous today…

both in the kitchen and with the camera.  I have never taken pics of food ive made before.  Im *starting* to find the light while taking pics also.  or i think i am, i welcome all comments and criticisms.  Its the only way i will get any better.

So today for breakfast i decided to make a blueberry ring.  Ive never done this before.  Its cooling as i type.  I also know that its not as good as it can be because i forgot lemon so that didnt go in it…  i know i know!!!!!

so heres the blueberry ring, enjoy!~!!

Waiting on the Oven


Getting Happy




also i have to laugh at myself because all my pics are raw.  I have no idea how to edit- so for ME, these are pretty good pics.  I will never go pro or take pics for anyone because i know i suck lol